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In March 1999, as I was praying one night, God spoke to me compelling me to begin an online ministry. I was hesitant at first as I knew nothing about computers, nor did I own one, and I had no extra money, except what I had been saving to buy a used car. And while it seemed to me at the time that this was a request only for the amusement of the angels who would be rolling in the clouds with laugher at my attempts to use a computer, I wanted only to follow His will, so I replied that I would do this, but I would need a lot of His help and guidance. The next morning, as I began searching the newspaper ads for a computer, Out of the blue I received a call from a church in Danville, California, offering me an old Windows 3.1 computer as they were updating their office. I willingly accepted, but told them that I currently had no way to pick it up as they were over an hour away and I had no car. Miraculously, however, they offered to deliver it to me! So, I now had a computer, but I still needed a webpage. Then, two days later, as I was riding the bus and talking to one of the drivers about beginning the ministry, he told me that his wife was a graphic designer with Livermore Labs in California, and that he could speak to her about designing a webpage for me at no charge. She did in fact design my first one page webpage and God’s Minute ministry was officially launched. This was Miracle number 2. A few years later, the Independent Provider I was working with suggested that I update and expand the webpage; I agreed that it was necessary, but again did not have the money to make the changes. But God provided yet another miracle and again my webpage was designed for free; this was the same webpage I used until 2012.

When the ministry first began, I had only 5 subscribers, which included my mother and brother! Today, over 3 million messages are delivered each month in the United States and around the World, and God’s Minute Daily Devotions are sent through 3 dedicated servers to ensure that the messages arrive consistently each morning. In addition, many Christian Radio Stations read selected messages on the air and Churches often use them in their Weekly Bulletins as well. God has certainly blessed and used the ministry and although I faced some tough early obstacles, there is no doubt that God’s Minute has been and continues to be a great vessel to spread God’s Word and message and love to the world each day. Subscribers often email me telling me that the daily message was like God speaking directly to them. This is completely true as the messages are dictated to me by the Holy Spirit and I am simply His clerk typist. I continue to be amazed as I watch His plans for me, the ministry, and the subscribers who email me unfold and am humbled and honored to be used by Him to share His messages with His Children all over the World each day. – Pastor Allen

“Vessel from God”

Praise the LORD for you. You are certainly a vessel from GOD. Your messages uplift me, and start my day with a Spiritual Boost!

In His Grip,


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